Friday, July 5, 2013


It's been a very busy month for our little family.  I've been working a lot, covering for doctors who are on vacation so I've been away from home.  I do enjoy my work and Grace gets to spend extra time with her Mimi and Grama Brown.  Poor Zach is the one stuck by himself.  Although he manages to keep himself busy with rock climbing and the new Starcraft he got for Father's Day.  

Grace turned 5 months old a few weeks ago.  She is still just a sweet baby.  She has moved her bed time up to about 8:30 PM which means she wakes up around 5:00 AM and is very hungry.  Still not too bad and I can't complain.  She is getting more hair but I still can't tell what color it will be.  Depending on the light it will look red, blond or light brown.  She is much more alert and will even respond to her name (most of the time).  She has found her tongue.  I love that stage.  Her eyes have settled on a dark blue.  She loves her bath and swimming.  She has a new very cheesy grin and likes to smile at everyone, unless she's mad and then she just cries.  We just love having her in our family.

At the end of June my Mom, Grace and I made a very quick trip up to Wyoming for the surprise 60th birthday party of our good friend Kim Gasson.  It was a lot of driving for very little time in Wyoming but it was definitely worth it.  The Gasson's are such great people and we loved seeing them.  Grace did great, as long as someone was sitting in back right next to her.  Otherwise, she was not happy.      

Wyoming is such a beautiful place, in my opinion.  It is my birthplace so I may be biased but I love the wide open spaces.  It was also green and cool which is polar opposite of Arizona.  While we were gone Arizona had 121 degree weather.  I was glad to miss that. 

I got to see and spend time with my friend Sarah and her family.  That was a blast for me!  We always have such a good time together.  She is a great hostess.  We also got to meet little Isaac.  He is about 6 weeks younger than Grace and such a cutie.  We decided we wouldn't mind if these two hooked up in the future.  

Yes, Isaac was bigger and heavier than Grace despite the age difference.  They had fun playing together and by that I mean they sat on the floor and kicked near each other.

When Grace and I finally got home she was overjoyed to see her dad.  She was all smiles all evening.  She really did miss him.  

It was a good month!  We're doing our best to get through the summer.  We have another trip planned to Idaho for Tessa's graduation in a few weeks.  It'll be Grace's first plane ride.  We'll see how that goes!

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Kenningtons said...

I was on my way to the dance studio on matlock st a couple weeks ago & I saw you out running with Zach & the baby. I screamed your name but the Windows were rolled up and you had already sped by me by the time I realized it was you. Anyway, it was good to see you again!! :) and girl, you be speedy!!!!